30 Minutes More Sleep to Increase Productivity

If you are feeling tired and exhausted during the day, you might be pushing yourself too much. The best solution for this is the one which is very simple; sleeping. We are all busy with meetings and business, however researches found that one additional hour of sleep per night will boost your energy and increase your functionality.

30 Minutes More Sleep to Increase Productivity
A study made with professional baseball players in the MLB. The goal was to find difference between reactions when they get more sleep. MLB players slept 36 minutes more than they normally do and as a result, their fatigue, daytime sleepiness and tension decreased by more than one-third. Also when a speed test made with the players, they reacted 122 ms faster which means %13 improvement for them.
Even we don’t need to get faster, we need to make sure that we don’t make mistakes when we are working. Sleeping more will help you focus on the things you are doing and will make you do them a lot better.

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