5 Psychological Tips to Help You Get Hired

Did you ever think that science can actually get you hired for the job you always wanted? Yes, job interview is an art than science but there are many things for you to do to impress the interviewer psychologically. Here are the tips.

Smile sufficiently

Smiling is always good if you want to seem friendly and be polite. However you need to be serious when it comes to business life. So if you smile more than you should in an interview you may lose seriousness in the eyes of the interviewer.

Mention interviewer’s name

Yes, it’s psychologically proven that if you use someone’s name in the conversation, it builds trust. You need to use interviewer’s name in order to make them feel positive about you. But avoid over using it.

Master reflective listening

Repeating the statement or the question with your own words is called reflective listening. According to the studies, it’s proven that reflective listening can increase your chances of getting hired. It makes the interviewer feel more positive.

Hands must be dry and warm

You might be thinking how you are going to do this. But as cold and clammy hands are the best sign of anxiety, warm and dry hand tells exactly the opposite. Wipe off any seat and make your hands warm before shaking the hands of the interviewer.

Use your body language, try mirroring.

You need to master the art of using body language. If you can use it well, this will increase the chance of success in an interview. Especially mirroring technique is very successful if you can do it without overdoing it. Smile when the interviewer smiles or use your hands when he/she does. These will make the interviewer feel close to you and trust you.

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