Best Cheap Date Ideas Which are Romantic

If you are in a financial struggle and have a date with your partner, you may be thinking what you can do to create a romantic ambiance. However there are many things you can do without spending a lot of money and still make romance. Here are some romantic and cheap date ideas for you.

Take a walk with your partner

Did you ever heard the saying “Less is more”. Sometimes simple works better. If you don’t have enough money to create an exlusive date, then you can look for a quick and free escape, take a walk around. It will be so much better if there is a lake or a sea shore. If not, you can make a quick trip into town and walk around.


Walking is great, walking in the nature and going for a hike together with your partner will be relaxing and challenging at the same time. Hikes that include waterfalls or a lake scenery will be so romantic.

Make a picnic

This is a great and tried and true romantic date idea. It won’t cost you as much as an expensive dinner at a restaurant but it will cost some dollars as you may need something to eat or/and some wine.

Take a blanket or some chairs and go to a green area which can be your local park. Spending some time chatting and enjoying the wine will be great.

Do a creative activity

Do you or your partner like to paint, draw or color something? It will actually be a lot of fun to do a creative activity with your partner and it will be a lot cheaper than your other options.

Play a game

Making a game night with your partner will be a lot of fun. If you and your partner like board games or card games, look for some games such as Age of War, Love Letter, Onitama or/and any other trivia games.

Go to a museum

Are you and your partner like history or arts? If you go to a museum with your partner, you will spend some fun time while learning new things. Also if you are students, you may take a student discount which will make the cost less.

Go to the zoo

If you don’t like places like museum, we bet it will be so much fun if you go to the zoo and see some animals. We don’t see exotic animals in our daily lives so it becomes so exciting to see them.

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