A Guide for Google for Jobs

Google is launching it’s new product and heading into the career arena. Google for Jobs will be in your life to make your job search a lot easier than it was.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Google Jobs will be first available in the U.S., then will be expanded to other countries. He adds that Google for Jobs is Google’s commitment to utilize their products to help people find work.

What is Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a new job search engine. If you are seeking job, you will be able to search and apply for the open positions. Google’s algorithm will make it easier for you to find jobs that matches you. Google for Jobs will be pulling job listing from many different sources with it’s power full search results algorithm.

How will Google for Jobs work?

After the launch of the product, job seekers will be finding jobs easier than searching in the career websites as Google will be pulling the listing data from the specific websites.
The mechanism will retrieve jobs from many sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc. Google will also have advanced search pitons on it’s job board and you will be filtering them easily. You will have the chance to set job alerts and Google will let you know when there is a job matches with your requirements.

Job – Candidate Matching

As we all know Google is expertised on writing intelligent algorithms, job seekers will be finding jobs that are matching to their skills so much easier.
As job seekers enter more personal information such as job title, industry, wages and location, the artificial intelligence will work better.

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