Are You Planning to Retire in Your 30’s? Here’s How to

Many people plan to retire at their 50’s or 60’s. If you are planning the same, then you don’t know that you don’t have to wait that much.

A couple living in California avutally retiren in their 30’s with $1 million in the bank. Even though it seems impossible the couple gave an interview to Forbes, explaning the key actions they take and how to do it. Here are the tips.

Decide what you want

The most important thing this couple did was to know their objective so well. When they wanted to lay off their jobs and retire they calculated how much they need and how they can increase the money they have. So the couple figured out that they need $1 million to retire. Then they planned to live with it’s %4 every year. They also expected a %7 annual growth rate with their investments. So if their plan succeeds, they will be increasing their wealth while not working at all.


The couple actually saved %65 of their salaries to save $1 million and it took 3 years for them. With three years of frugal living, they prepared their kingdom. You can understand how aggressively they cut the costs of living. They tried to drive less and hang their laundry out to dry.

Learn to increase your salary

The couple hated work. However they knew that work is their only real moneymaker. So they needed to work harder in order to make their dream come true. The husband switched jobs three times to obtain salary increases. The couple made $200,000 a year combined.

Save a lot more

The couple was living Asheville, NC, in a $270,000 worth house. They sold the house and chose the mountatin town to move beacuse of the lower living costs.

Calculate your retirement spending

The most important thing the couple did good was planning their retirement spending. If you are planning to live and not work for the next three decades, you need to plan this well. The couple refused the spend more than %4 of their portfolio’s value per year. That means they are not planning to spend more than $40,000 a year.

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