Are Your Friends the Reason You Can’t Save

We are all social creatures. We always want to communicate and have fun with each other. So if you are trying to save some money you have to analyze the people around you.

Do your friends spend a lot of money? How to they act when they learn your frugal living? Do they have unhealthy financial habits?

You may be shocked but whether if you like it or not the people around is shaping your attitudes and behaviors towards money. Here are some tips for the ones who is concerned about the attitudes of their social circle.

Pick you hang out with

We are not telling you to change your friends. However because of the human nature, we tend to imitate those around us. By doing this, with the people spending a lot of money, we spend a lot too.

Of course friendship is priceless. So you need to cut some expensive night outs rather than cutting the friendship at all.

Do cheaper activities

There are cheaper activities which are fun too. So you need to one who suggests them to your group of friends. If your friends don’t like the idea you suggest then you should talk about your money habits and explain how these activities will help you and them financially.

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