Bank of America Has More Cryptocurrency Patents Than Any Other Company

Looks like the antithesis of everything decentralized currency stands for, the Bank of America, has more cryptocurrency patents than any other companies.

In the cyrptocurrency’s early years, the number of patents was averaging under 50 a year. But by 2015 that figure began to pick up and by 2016 it growed much more than expected. If you look at the big companies who has cyrptocurrency patents the top ten names are expected, such as IBM.

However, some of the companies in the list are unexpected. It makes sense that Mastercard would have an interest in digital payment systems, for example, but it is surprising to see them ranked ninth for cryptocurrency related patents, with 21 filings. The greatest surprise of all is reserved for top spot, which is claimed by Bank of America, with no less than 45 patents. 

According to the Bitcoin Patent Report, 50% of all crypto related patents come from China. Here are the top 4:

  • China: 910 patents
  • U.S.: 676 patents
  • U.K.: 112 patents
  • South Korea: 98 patents

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