What Is The Best Way to Short-Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular things we hear today. It was given like back in 2009 by person called Satoshi Nakamoto and introduced to the financial world. Today, Bitcoin is all over the news. The more people get interested in this, the more it attracts other people.

The interest was not the only thing increased. Along with the interest, Bitcoin’s value has been rapidly increasing. It’s price was $1,000 at the beginning of 2017. Now as of December 15, one Bitcoin is valued at approximately $18,000.

Also traditional financial world try to find ways to work with Bitcoin, as people interested in this increase every day. Bitcoin futures contracts are planned at Nasdac which will get it start in early 2018.

Many financial watchers say Bitcoin is the best shorting opportunity ever. Because Bitcoin’s price is not steady. It can reach $15,000, then drop %30 within just an hour. Then it can reach over $16,500 in a few days. This is called an opportunity.

Do you think you missed the glory days of Bitcoin?

The holders of Bitcoin earned so much money from it. If you had invested $1 in Bitcoin at the beginning, it would be worth $1.4 million today. Yes, majority of the world have missed this chance. However, Bitcoin’s value is still increasing. You may not earn millions of dollars by investing few, but you can multiply your investment just buying Bitcoin today.

How to earn much more with Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin and holding it won’t be paying you back as much as the older days. However, with today’s opportunity is to “short” the cryptocurrency. It goes up and down every day. You can always make profit by trading it daily. Selling it when it’s high and buying it again when it’s low can make you earn a lot.

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