Why Do Some Bitcoin Exchanges Close Doors to New Traders?

As cryptocurrency is getting more popular everyday, so many peope are trying to get in to the market when it’s not late yet. People want to buy bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencies and start trading. However, this much demand was never expected by exchanges. Cyrptocurrency exchanges are having hard time giving support to their current customers. Altough as verification process is getting more important, exhanges are closing doors to new traders.

Many exchanges are now bombarded with applications and support teams are failing to maintain a timely service. Whether if you are a new trader or an experienced one who wants to sail to new exchanges, you may have noticed that opening and account or verifying and account to withdraw money is not as easy as it was.

One of these exchanges is Bittrex. With so many coins you can trade, Bittrex is one of the most popular exchanges in the market. However, they are having hard time these days. “We are excited to have so many new users who want to join the Bittrex community. Unfortunately, we have to make a few upgrades to our support and back-end systems to handle the increased traffic and load.” they announced about the problems.

Also Bitfinex sends this message to anyone trying to sign up:
“The reason we have decided to temporarily stop accepting new accounts is that we cannot undermine the quality of our services for our existing traders by flooding the system with new, small accounts.”

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