Bitcoin Weekly Update

This week was very stable in terms of price of Bitcoin. This might be one of the most stable times of Bitcoin since 2016. There were no crackdowns or collapses until Friday. On Friday, we heard a record breaking hack from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings was the popular subject of the midweek. Cyrptocurrency holders were excited to see Weiss Ratings. However, they were disaster. It looks like experts from the world of finance get cryptocurrency so wrong. An average trader on Twitter can give you more accurate ratings.

Discover blocking access

One of the most important subjects of this week is about card issuer Discover. Discover blocked access to cryptocurrency for it’s 44 million customers.
However the most important news was the story of Coincheck getting $400 million of NEM removed from it’s vaults because of failing to implement most basic op-sec. Coincheck made it’s customers who lost NEM by reimbursing in Japanese yen.

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