The Cryptocurrency ICOs Have Raised $2 Bllion in 2018

Looks like the cryptocurrency investors’ appetite for ICOs remains unsated. 2018 has started amazingly stronger than 2017 in terms of ICO raises. The ICOs of 2018 has been already rised $2 billion, which can easily shows that 2018 will surpass 2017’s total of $5.7 billion.

However the public have been left to fight fort he scraps. Data shows that 84% of all ICO fundraising this year has come from private and presales.

Rich get richer

When we first heard of ICOs, they were presented as a democratic means of raising funds. However, today the landscape of the ICO has changed. The public sale is almost an afterthought. All of the action and cheap fundraising happens at the pre- and private stage leaving slim pickings and expensive prices for the crowds.



Generous discounts at pre-sales

It is a lot easier for private investors to turn a profit than it is for public sale participants. With pre-sale tokens often ending up on decentralized exchanges immediately, no one can left behind the importance of pre-sale.

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