Don’t Hide Behind Emails If You Want to Be Successful

Some of love to talk with others and meet with strangers. For them, starting a conversation is one of the easiest things they do. However, for some of us (many), meeting new people and widening network is something difficult. And for these people, email is the biggest saviour.
According to the study made from Cornell University, you have higher chance to get positive response from the person you made request to, when you do it in person, not over an email. It’s so easier for others to reject you when your request is just from writings in digital.
If you are a requester over emails, you might not recognize the effect of it, as you don’t know the results of the other way. When you ask a request in person, your gestures and making eye contact are always more trustworthy.

Don't Hide Behind Email if You Want to Be Successful

It’s hard to say no face to face

This is because it would be more difficult for people to say “no” face to face than over email. So when it comes to business, if you are going to make a request, face interactions leads to increased empathy towards the requester. This means higher rates of success.

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