Hardware Wallet Guide for Bitcoin & Altcoin Holders

If you are into the world of cryptocurrency, you might heard about hardware wallets. Hardware wallets are basically ultra-secure devices to store your cyrptocurrency. As Bitcoin gets more popular everyday, the number of cyrptocurrency owners grow. This popularity brings so much attention from amateur traders to cyber thieves. If you want to be a real “hodler”, you need to learn more about hardware wallets. Because securing your cryptocurrency by spending $100 or a little more is an logical investment when you see the potential of cryptocurrency market.

Here are some hardware wallets to use.


Price: $109

Trezor is one of the most secure and original hardware wallets. It has two colours to choose: black & white. You can store your ERC20 tokens together with almost two dozen coins including BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH & ZEC.

Trezor is also water-resistant and features a small display for transactions, 2FA, password manager and etc.

Ledger Nano S

Price: $99

This is a small & lightweight hardware wallet to hold BTC, ETH & several other altcoins. Ledger Nano S is actually highly rated by the crypto community. It has a small OLED display with side buttons.

Keep Key

Price: $129

Keep Key wallet is another option for cryptocurrency holders. It allows you to store BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH and a lot more. Using Shapeshift, you can easily exchange between cryptocurrencies directly from the device.


Price: $100

Bitlox is a different hardware wallet than others. Right now, it only supports BTC and uses Bluetooth to connect your devices rather than USB. However, the company announced that Bitclox will support for altcoins really soon.

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