How Much You Need to Live Abroad in Retirement 

The answer of this question is basically as much as you want. You need to know that you can spend as much or as little as you like to live anywhere on this planet. This will all be depending on your lifestyle. You need to first determine your lifestyle, then you can set a realistic budget for living abroad.

Location choices on budget

You need to have a budget that achieves at least Access to healthy food, reliable utilities, adequate healthcare and engaging entertainment. However we all know that what these can be different for different people.

The cost of cooking gas or visit to a doctor’s office have different prices at different locations on earth. Here’s an example monthly budget for two people living in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Homeowners’ Association dues — $100
Electricity — $25
Gas — $5
Water and trash collection — $2
Transportation (bus/taxi) — $5
Landline phone and Internet — $55
Cell phone — $10
Satellite TV — $45
Medications — $80
Groceries/alcohol — $675
Dining out — $250
Housecleaning — $45
Misc. (clothes, flowers, treats) — $100

This is no rent included and the lifestyle choices of that couple.

Do your research based on your choices

So as you can see that these expenses depends on the lifestyle, first, you should determine how you are going to live. Are you going to buy a house or rent one? Are you going to buy a car or choose your house near to anywhere you go? How is the weather in the location you choose? This will affect the  heating or air –conditioning costs.

Basically your choices and your budget will determine your lifestyle. As you can see, if you want to live abroad, there might be some things you need to sacrifice. There are thousands of places you can live as long as you can set your budget and lifestyle.

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