How to Be a Manager From Being an Expert

If you are an expert and try to be a manager, you need to know that your individual skills and technical knowledge is less valuable at this new level.

Smart managers doesn’t need to be the expert and the smartest person in the room. Smart managers learn quickly to draw upon the expertise of the team members to build team and group performance. Shortly, smart managers don’t try to be the expert but develop new experts.

If you want to trasfer to be a manager from being an expert, then you should listen to these effective tips.

Think about your new mission

If you are a new manager, your mission is to build a great enviroment for your team to let them do their best work.

There is nothing for you to do with your technical knowledge at this point. You need to help your team members develop themselves for the subject they expertise.

Focus on building trust

Rather then trying to use your technical knowledge, share it with your team. Answering the team members’ questions will build trust.

Teach and share more

You need to supply answers for your team and help them make better work. Don’t forget that they are you, just 5 years younger. The managers who teach are more trustworthy and they support the development of their team members.

Ask questions to show the right way

Yes, answering and teaching is good. However doing this always will not be beneficial for your team members. Instead of answering all the time, ask simple questions and let them find the right way. You won’t be with them all the time, so you should teach them to find the right ways too.

Give feedback and reward

The feedback you will be giving to your team is important than anything for them. If they are not that good or made a wrong move on a certain subject, you need to tell this to them with a teaching manner. And if there is something to congratulate, you need to and give rewards to keep them motivated and increase their performance.

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