How to Budget Without Losing Your Friends

When you were kids, your friends and you may have the same economic situation. Your parents may have given you everything you need. However you are adults now and the income you make and your friends make can change a lot.

Different incomes can destroy friendship because of the changes in the lifestyle. Here are some tips for you to budget without losing your friends.

You don’t have to afford everything

Just because your friends purchased a luxury house or they are eating in luxury restaurants, doesn’t mean you should follow them.

They may have higher paying jobs and earning a lot more than you. You don’t have to follow them to vacations or buy same things. Also, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with them too. Don’t forget to hang out with them often even if you are not
having the same lifestyle.

Always be honest

Never feel shame because you can’t afford the same things with your friends. Your true friends never leave you just because you can’t afford a luxury house. Of course you may miss some night outs, however good friends are always flexible and can meet you at your favorite coffee shop. You can always suggest more affordable choices for any activity with your friends. If you can be honest to your true friends, they will never turn you down just because your financial situation.

Be the first planner

If you can’t afford what your friends suggest and try to turn them to your suggestion, you will always be the changer of the plans. Don’t take this position. Instead of waiting your friends to suggest a plan, be the planner and suggest your plan first. Your friends will understand that spending quality time together doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Don’t follow people

Whether you are buying an expensive thing or cheap one, you will should be the one to decide to spend it. Everyone have different lives and different goals. Never go on a vacation you don’t want just because your friends go.

Minimize the costs

Don’t always refuse your friends’ activity suggestions. Instead of turning them down, think smart and try to find ways minimizing costs. If you are going on a trip, make a sandwich and bring it. Eat before you go dining at an expensive restaurant. Drink at home before you go to a bar. These cost minimizing strategies will keep your relationship stronger than refusing them.

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