How to Set a Salary Range for a Job 

Sometimes, it’s not easy to know your worth, how much you need to earn for a specific job. There is always a salary range for your job in the market. However it’s important to know that if your are on the high end or on the low end.

If you can have a salary range in your mind, it will give you power when preparing for job interviews. By knowing the range, you will be more confident in the interviews which will put you in a more strong position. When you see a job that fall outside of the range, you will rule it out easily.

Your current salary and title

You need to start setting a range by knowing what your current job is worth. You can gather as much information as you can in order to understand if you are on the high end or on the low end of the range. You need to know what would your company have to pay someone today to do the job.

Research salary ranges

There are many websites that can offer you the data and salary calculators. You can always use, or to learn some benchmarks for your position.

Ask a recruiter

You can ask a recruiter to learn how much you should be paid today. There are many independent recruiters that can help you on this issue. You may not learn a specific salary, however earning a salary range would be good for a start.

Never forget the benefits

Yes, salary is very important. However when you are calculating and comparing the salaries, you should always consider cash bonuses, stock bonuses, stock price, employer-sponsored benefits and perks (401K matching, profit sharing, healthcare). You can always consider the future growth of the company.

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