How to Survive in the Gap Between Graduation and First Job

If you are graduated from the college, you made a huge accomplishment. On the other hand we all know it feels a little bit scary. When you were studying in college, most likely your parents were helping you cover your expenses and you didn’t have to work to make living.

It usually takes 6 months for a graduate to find job. So there is some time you need to get over. Here are some tips for you to survive until you find the job you are looking for.

Create a budget as soon as possible

The first thing you need to do when you are graduated is to create a budget to follow until you find your job. The things budget will cover is your daily expenses which are your rent, utilities, food, phone, etc. This will help you see where to cut your expenses if you are not able to afford it all. You need to check your student loans have the six-month grace period so you don’t have to pay for it for this period.

Look for a part-time job

If you have ever worked in a part time job when you were in the college, you know it’s good idea to hang onto a part-time job until you find a full-time one. It may not pay for all of your expenses but it will cover a big part of it. Because of your primary focus will be on your job search, the part-time job you will be working in will be just to cover your expenses.

Widen your job search

If you are having hard time finding a job, then you may consider widening your job search. You may be narrowing your job search by looking in a specific city or state or for a type of position. If you can widen your job search you can find new opportunities that will work for you well. You have to know that it will be your first job by expanding your job search you may find the position which will fit you best.

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