Is a Shared Office Beneficial?

In today’s world, if you are working just with your computer, your office serves you as a place of business operations and daily reminder of your purpose. Actually some of the jobs may done even in a coffee house. One of the most cost effective ways for an office is to lease a shared office space.
An owned office space is a large overhead expense for start up entrepreneurs and home office company owners. If you industry is not a client based one and doesn’t require a professional looking office, it will be very effective for you to lease a shared office space.

What is a shared office space?

Shared office space is an serviced office space which is a an office space that is shared by many business professionals or companies. The offices come fully equipped and furnished. They also have many needs ready such as coffee, tea and etc. If you are an entrepreneur and have limited time and money for a owned office space, these places are really beneficial for you. Also working besides many other companies gives you the chance of meeting new people and widening your business network.

How to choose a shared space provider?

You have to analyze four main aspects before leasing a shared office space. They are:
Location: Consider choosing your office space close to your home or at least with affordable parking space. Also if you are going to have guest clients, you have to choose a place which is easy to reach.
Tenants: Ask the other companies which are working in the shared office space. Look for similar-sized companies or complementary businesses and think about the relationships you can make and benefit from.
Contract: Hire a lawyer to review your contract with the office provider. As you can make a short term contract with these office providers, it’s always better than a 5 or even 10 year term contract for an owned office space.
Amenities: Shared offices come with many basic office needs and premium services. Look for the services below when you consider leasing an office:

  • Business equipment
  • High speed internet
  • Receptionist
  • Furniture
  • Meeting rooms
  • Personalized phones

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