Is High Salary Worth It?

If you are thinking that a bad day in the weekend is better than a perfect date at the office, you should really be thinking about if this high paying job worth it. Yes, your job might be paying very well. However is this still worth it even if you don’t love your job. No matter what your age is, focusing only on your earnings is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your career. Here is why.

Chase your dream

There are so many successful businesspeople saying they would work at their jobs even if they are not paid. Do you know why? Because they love their job and their job are their passion. They don’t even feel like working but doing all they’ve dreamed. And this is the exact reason why they are successful. They want to be do the best at their job without thinking about money. Giving the best service is all they want. When you are good at something, at the end you will always earn great money.

Think long term

If you love your job but found a higher paying job that you think is not for you, just don’t do it. Many people loses their passion to work when they are in the first 10 years of their career just because they moved to another jobs or another industries to get higher money. You need to think about youth 40s or 50s before doing such a move. Don’t forget that if you love something and good at that job, you will earn higher in the future.

Listen to yourself

You might not know what you love. We are in a world that make us move with the wind. There are so many things you miss that could make you excited to work for. So if you really want to be successful and earn so much money, you should listen to your heart and fin what you love. Read books and travel. This way you can taste so much to find the best for you.

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