Is Passion Enough to Start a Business?

If you are an entrepreneur or if you want to be an entrepreneur, you should have heard the saying “Follow your passion”. Building a business rooted in something you already love will make it easier to work for and push trough tough challenges.

Yes, you have to have passion if you want to be a successful small business owner. However what you need to know is, it’s just having passion is not enough to make your business successful. There are many factor besides passion when it comes to success. Here are those factors.


Planning is one of the most important aspects of success.there are many types of planning for new small businesses.

The first and the most needed plan is the business plan. You have to know where you are, where you want to go and how you are going to do it.

Another plan which is crucial is financial plan. A formal business plan needs to have a financial plan in order to make you understand at which point you are going to make profit.

And the last crucial plan is a marketing plan. You need to outline who your target audience is, where they are, how you are going to reach them and how much you are going to spend for it.
If you can successfully make those three crucial plans above, you will be taking the first step off success.

Set SMART goals

If you are passionate about your business, you might forget some of the details. Trying to create what you are passionate about might make you lose sight of the bigger picture. You need to set SMART goals which are pesticide, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals.

Here is a detailed article of SMART Goals if you want to apply them into your business.

Skills and commitment are vital

Generally we are passionate about what we are good at. However being just “good” at something doesn’t mean that you are making a unique job and will become successful. You need to learn that if you are really good at the thing you are passionate about. Also you have to be sure that you are not going to get bored after some time or some fails. You need to be stubborn about it.

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