Kodak to Get Into Cryptocurrency World

The legendary photography company Kodak is going to launch it’s own cryptocurrency, Kodakcoin. The news unveiled at CES 2018 on Wednesday. The company has also interested in mining.
As the cryptocurrency market going larger and larger everyday, it’s not surprising to see one of the most well-established companies in the world starting it’s own ICO. However, being a cryptocurrency mining firm is interesting.

Kodak has announced that the company is going to start renting out bitcoin miners to the public. The miners it demoed appear to be Bitmain mining rigs with a Kodak sticker appended, suggesting that the whole scheme may have been hastily cobbled together.

Kodak will also plan to support new mining operation by installing a rig in it’s New York headquarters.

Many people does not care about how it’s going to change the market or the firm. Cyrptocurrency investors are just looking to make some profit by trading the coin. What do you think about Kodak’s move? Let us now by commenting below.

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