What Percent of Americans Have Heard of Bitcoin?

Global Blockchain Business Council and Survey Monkey teamed for a survey to learn the American attitudes toward one of the most popular things today, Bitcoin. We may hear the cyrptocurrency news more and more everyday, however those who actually own the digital assets still remains low.

The survey made by Survey Monkey and total 5,761 people were polled about Bitcoin. According to the survey, Bitcoin awareness has jumped by more than twice until 2013. Altough the knowledge about Bitcoin is growing, the participation is not growing equally.

The results of the survey were pretty interesting. 60% of respondents revealed they heard about Bitcoin. However only 5% of the respondents hold any digital asset. 21 percent of the people are considering adding Bitcoin into their portfolios.

2 of 3 Bitcoin holders see the digital asset as a growth investment.

However when the respondents were asked about the crash of Bitcoin, 41% of them think Bitcoin bubble will pop this year. Nearly 70% of Bitcoin holders think the digital asset will increase in value over the coming half of a decade.

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