Read This If You Want a Credit Card and Don’t Have a Credit History

It’s known that people without a credit score are having hard time getting approved for a credit card. Because credit card issuers mostly have a credit score requirement.

However there are some credit card issuers that realized this problem and  they are actually giving credit cards for people with no credit.

Find a job

One thing you need to have if you want to get a credit card is income. If you want a credit card without a credit score, make sure you at least have an income. The most important thing you need to understand is, your income must be enough to pay your credit card bill, if you don’t want to get in trouble with it later.

Student cards exist

If you are still studying at a school, you can apply and get qualified for a student credit card. You can easily qualify if you can prove that you are a student. However because of student credit cards have high interest rates, you should be very careful when choosing one.

Secured credit cards might be the answer

If you can’t get approved for a traditional credit card, you can go with a secured credit card if you can find one with few fees. The difference of a secured credit card is you have to make a security deposit to get a limit.

Find a co-signer

If you can find someone who have good credit and will help you, you can get a credit card. However by doing this, you will be accepting that someone will watch your purchases and will get involved with your finances. Also if you have some trouble paying your debts, your co-signer’s credit score will be affected by that.

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