Summer Jobs for Kids

The kids are not old enough for part-time jobs. However they want to earn their money in the summer. Kids like to spend some extra cash and working is a great way for them to learn about the value of money. Here are some jobs for kids:

Lawn mowing

For the kids who love outdoors, lawn mowing is a great opportunity to make some cash.

Yard work

Your kid might not be strong to mow lawns. However if he/she still likes outside, helping out with yard work would be a great job. Making kids play with flowers and soil is a great way to move them away from electronic devices.

Lemonade stand

Although it looks like a cliche job, majority of kids love selling lemonades. It’s always a fun business adventure for kids. It will be great for your neighbors as the weather gets warmer while your kids earn money.

Car wash

Washing cars might be enjoyable for kids at summer. They will learn the value of hard work and money while enjoying outside and getting wet.

Dog walking

Dogs need to exercise. If there are many dogs in your neighborhood, then you kid might make some cash by walking them. As kids love dogs, this job will be more fun than being a work

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