This Research Proves the Importance of the First Impression

According to a study published by Harvard University we, humans make our fist judgment in 2 seconds. This first impression also effects us even when we spend time with the certain person after the first impression.
The study showed muted 10 second video of professors teaching to undergraduates who rated the teachers on 15 dimension such as warmth, professionalism, optimism, etc.
Then people who made the study changed the duration of the video to 5 seconds, then 2 seconds. The ratings of the students didn’t change. So the study concluded that we actually make our judgment in the first two seconds of seeing someone. We actually decide if we trust somebody or not, before we get information about them.

This Research Proves the Importance of the First Impression

First Impression Always Stays

The most interesting part of the study is, when the researchers compare the evaluations of the test with the actual student evaluations, the results are very similar. So even we meet with the person, talk to them, get more information about them and make a relationship with them; we are effected by our first impression.

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