Tips From a Multimillionaire Who Was Working in Kmart

Manny Khoshbin is an immigrant who used to work at Kmart. Right now, he is worth more than $100 million.

Khoshbin arrived in the U.S at the age of 14. The family had nothing and even lived in a station wagon for weeks. Manny started to work in Kmart for $3.15 per hour. Even tough Khoshbin says that the experience was a nightmare, he confesses that it’s monotonous grind inspired him to dream bigger.

Khoshbin is now worth more than $100 million, he shares his mindset which made him multimillionaire. Here his tips:

Set goals more aggressively.

You can find various goal-setting techniques in the internet. According to Khoshbin, they are average goal-setting techniques and will give you average results. Khoshbin says that if you want big results, you have to take big risks and set goals aggressively. The other important thing about setting goals is to stick to them, according to Khoshbin.

Have a well defined plan.

Make plan for every year even if your goal is to be successful 20 years later. Define every route you need to take for every single year and stick to them.

Knowledge is power.

According to Khoshbin, if you want to drive to the top, you have to hone your driving skills. You need to find the successful, like minded achievers and absorb their knowledge like a sponge.
If you feel like you are not born for it, remember that no one was born an expert.

Never back down.

Yes, this road is tough and long. Khoshbin says that too many people think of quitting before they reach their goal. If you ever feel like giving up, that’s when you need to be stubborn and work harder, according to Khoshbin.

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