How to Transform Your Savings Into Retirement Income

We assume that you really know the importance of saving for your retirement. Saving for your retirement is crucial when it comes to financial freedom and happiness. However, if you look deep down into the strategies of saving, you may be already familiar with the concept of asset allocation.

Asset allocation is basically when you distribute your savings into different accounts. It’s also not uncommon to have several tax favored retirement accounts. If you are thinking about calculating what you will get at the end, what you need to know is how and when you take distributions from each account will impact your taxes and income planning.

Take 4 percent each year

Retirement experts usually recommend aa distribution rate of 4 percent each year. If you are disciplined enough, you can make your savings last longer.

Some accounts are more important than others

If you want to start taking money the first thing you need to understand is their taxes. You need to leave the tax deferred money compounding for as long as possible. If you have IRA and/or 401K, you should start taking money from these accounts beginning at age 59,5.

Automate retirement payouts

Some of the employer plans and investment companies can automate your payouts for you. Seek for the options offered by your 401k administrator to see if there’s a plan that makes payouts easy for you.


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