Where to Get Feedback on Your Business Idea

So you have an idea that will make a great business and make you earn a lot of money. However if you haven’t shared the idea with anybody, it might not be as perfect as you think. To make sure it’s great and it’s worth working for, you need to take other people’s opinion.

As the biggest reality is nine out of ten businesses fail, you have a great chance to fail when you start working on your business idea. So you need to be sure that people will love it. The best way to learn if people love it or not is to find somewhere unbiased and share your business idea to get comments on it. Here are some unbiased websites that can help you to learn if your business is good or not and can actually give you more opinions, widen your vision.


You can use Reddit for any kind of idea. Users on Reddit vote a subject if it’s important enough to get to the up lines. The more vote for the subject, the more it goes up and larger amount of users will see it. You can actually get unbiased opinions and feedback on your ideas on Reddit.


Startups.co is a startup launch platform which is helping new businesses to find customers, mentors and funding. It has a great section called Clarity, which is basically connection entrepreneurs with mentors. On Clarity, you can easily connect with more than 30,000 verified top advisors and industry experts.


Inbound is a specifically targeted to marketers. If your business idea is in marketing, this is the right place for you. This is a big community with more than 100,000 members willing to validate your business idea.


This is a great online tool to get unbiased public opinion instantly. You can ask questions and make poll in Pickfu. Pickfu is great to validate your business idea, however it has a fee to use.

The most important thing you need to know when trying to get feedback from others is not to give all the details about your business idea, if you don’t want to see the copycat version appear before you even start your business.

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