Where to Sell Used Phones

Every year hundreds of new models of cell phones find their place at stores. Out phones get old quickly and when we buy new ones, sometimes it’s hard to get rid of the old ones with earning some money.

It’s always good to generate some cash. Here are some places where you can sell your cell phones with the best prices.


Where to Sell Used Phones

eBay auction one of the great ways of selling you phone with a reasonable price. Make a research on the same phones listed and learn the price range. If you want to learn how much you can expect to make, you can check out the recently ended auctions.


Where to Sell Used Phones

If you don’t want to make an auction and want an immediate offer SellCell will be a great option for you. You can find out which buyer is paying the most by entering the model of your phone.


Where to Sell Used Phones

Amazon has a Trade-In Store which you can sell you phone and easily learn what they want to pay for the phone. As you cell your phone, they give you an Amazon gift card rather than cash.


Where to Sell Used Phones

If you have a broken phone and if cell phone recyclers are not buying it, you can always sell it at EcoATM. It also pays the cash on the same day. It might be a good option if your cell phone is broken and you need to sell it and have the cash immediately.


Where to Sell Used Phones

The big retailers such as Apple, Walmart, Best Buy and etc. all have their own cell phone trade-in programs. If you are going to buy a new phone from their stores they can buy your phone and make a discount for the new one. Consider this option if you are okay with getting a discount for a new phone.

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